Q. 1) Will any kind of acidity occur with BEON’s products?
A. The proportions of ingredients are perfectly balanced in all of BEON’s products. Hence, there is no cause for worry as acidity will not occur.

Q. 2) Can I consume BEON with allopathic medicine?
A. Yes, you can consume BEON alongside your regular dosage of medicines without any problem. Regular check-ups should be conducted from time to time. When your health starts improving, on consulting your doctor, the dosage of allopathic medicine can be reduced.

Q. 3) Is there a specific time period for consumption?
A. As it is a health tonic or some may even say a health supplement, you can take it for as long as you wish for overall good health.

Q. 4) Are there any side effects?
A. All of BEON’s products are completely natural and contain no chemicals, preservatives, colours or flavours. Hence, there are no side effects whatsoever.

Q. 5) Can I consume BEON during summer season too?
A. BEON can be consumed throughout the year. The ingredients being in proper proportion, you can consume BEON during summer as well.

Q. 6) Which age groups are BEON’s products suitable for?
A. BEON’s products can be consumed by any age group of 5 years & above. The cold & cough dosage (Fruit & Veg Extract/ Gold) can be reduced for younger children.

Q. 7) Are all ACVs natural?
A. No, all ACVs are not natural. While some are synthetically prepared from chemicals within 2-3 days, natural ACV (like BEON’s) is prepared from fruits through a natural process of fermentation lasting for 7-8 months.