Cinnamon Honey

Cinnamon is a powerful healing spice to cure various ailments.

When mixed with honey it's properties are increased manifold which improves our health.

• It has powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.
• It improves insulin sensitivity & reduces blood sugar levels.
• It decreases LDL cholesterol & triglycerides levels.
• It increases HDL cholesterol levels.
• Boosts immunity
• Combats bacterial infections.

Inhibits Yeast growth.
• Helps in Digestive tract system.
• Freshens Breath & promotes Dental health.
• Defends against Neuro disorders.

BEON brings to you the goodness of Cinnamon Extract (Ceylon) and Honey together.

Cinnamon Honey Price:

Quantity MRP
280gm. 399/-
565gm. 699/-
1100gm. 1300/-